Organic Nation Spirits

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• Distilled from organic rye, wheat and corn.

• 7x filtered

• Certified organic by Oregon Tilth

• Silver Medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, March, 2009

A touch sweet on the palate with a delicate vanilla and cocoa alkali notes for a rich mouthfeel. Nice graininess. Eminently smooth and drinkable. This vodka plays very well with fruits and berries, enhancing their fruitiness, and stands alone in a Martini par excellence.

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• Handcrafted using 12 botanicals including: juniper, coriander, black pepper, dill, cucumber, lemon balm, angelica...

• Twice distilled from organic rye, wheat and corn.

• 7x filtered

• Silver Medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits competition in package design for its 100% biodegradable labeling.

• Silver Medal winner at BTI, Highly Recommended, 87 points

• Certified organic by Oregon Tilth

Hints of lavender, mint and citrusy notes. Genever like graininess with lots of London Dry type overtones. Whispers of black pepper with a warming and smooth finish. Delightfully delicision. Makes a stellar Gin & Tonic and other classic gin cocktails.

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