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Cocktail competition honors OSF 75th

News Release

ASHLAND, OR - To celebrate 75 years of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, ORGANIC NATION, Southern Oregon’s only micro-distillery, is hosting a one-of-a-kind cocktail competition in search of the perfect Shakespearean swill. Mixologists throughout Southern Oregon are competing to create cocktails that best honors the innovative 75 year history of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

On March 24th at
Nunan Estate in Jacksonville, judges will select a winning cocktail to be announced at a special event on First Friday April 2nd at 4:30 PM at the Ashland Springs Hotel Following the awards ceremony, the first place cocktails will be available for purchase at LARKS along with their own delicious cocktails.

Judges will select a first, second and third place cocktail for each of
ORGANIC NATIONS’ spirits, vodka and gin. A special award will to the most creative drink name paying hommage to OSF’s 75th anniversary. The creators of the winning cocktails will get free theater tickets, stays at the Ashland Springs Hotel and The Iris Inn B & B, and free Event Consultation from P. Cox Productions.

Produced by
ORGANIC NATION and sponsored by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland Spring Hotel, The Iris Inn B & B, Buy Local Buy Rogue, Nunan Estate, Oregon Travels, and P. Cox Productions, the competition features creations by mixologists from restaurants including the Tap Rock in Grants Pass, Elements in Medford and The Black Sheep in Ashland among many others.

The lucky judges include OSF assistant artistic director
Christopher Acebo, Mail Tribune food writer Sarah Lemon, Dragonfly owner Dee Vallentyne, 38 Central owner David Graham, Omars chef James Williams, and Southside Beverage Shop pro Cheryl Berry.

The United States of Vodka

By Adam H. Graham for Valet.
With Craft Vodka Distilleries Popping Up Left and Right,
is Vodka the True American Spirit?

Vodka is at a crossroads and there are two camps among the spirit's craft makers. One believes vodka should take on the flavor of its terroir, and the other stops at nothing to pursue neutral taste and odor. Which is right?

There are no easy answers in vodka-land. Some filter 10 or more times for a pure flavor, others say beware of the multiple filtered spirits because it's probably not a pure product to begin with.

While these spirited debates carry on, the American vodka boon quietly continues and craft distillers from Alaska to Florida are perfecting new and traditional techniques, distilling the stuff from regional and local ingredients using everything from honey and apples to oranges and oats.

Like it or not, the potent elixir has become American as apple pie. Sure, gin is having its heyday, and rye is all the rage, but nothing beats the booze we stole from Russia. Here's our exhaustive report of everything you need to know about the best American-made vodkas today.

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Good Green Witch

LA Talk Radio
with Rhonda DeFelice and Johnny Dam

Rhonda De Felice and Johnny Dam talk with Diane Paulson about ORGANIC NATION, Southern Oregon’s first and only organic micro-distillery.

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Review: Organic Nation Vodka

Spirits Review

Notes: This Vodka is produced from organic rye, wheat and corn from local sources and organically fermented. Seriously crunchy organic. One of the most rigorously organic (and all the other green appellations) vodkas out there at present - which is an accomplishment considering the rapidly growing competition.

Appearance: Crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling it leaves a thin clear oily coat (sign of nice body)on the inside of the glass with a rapidly developing scalloped edge with some long legs developing and lots of small droplets rather than receding altogether. Viscous look and feel.

First Impression: Clean distillate smell, a touch sweet, with nice graininess to it. No smell of esters or oils; clean grain spirit. After a bit it develops a some nice vanilla and cocoa alkali notes mixed with sweetness.


Review: Organic Nation Gin

Spirits Review

Notes: Seriously crunchy organic One of the most rigorously organic (and all the other green appellations) gins out there at present. They start out with their excellent organic vodka as a base and then use a blend of the usual suspects of juniper and coriander, and a number of other botanicals- all organic and as local as possible.

Appearance: Clear, bright, limpid pool of goodness, proper touch of oiliness/viscosity to the body.On swirling nice even coat,scalloped edges, then many legs, mix of long and short, then rapidly going to droplets. When it is chilled it takes on a wonderful thick glasslike appearance even when shaken.

First Impression: Juniper, black pepper and cassia bark, with hints of citrus,coriander, anise, basil and orris root. The anise seems to have a nice leveling effect on the juniper bringing it into balance and harmony with the other ingredients.

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