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Review: Organic Nation Vodka

Spirits Review

Notes: This Vodka is produced from organic rye, wheat and corn from local sources and organically fermented. Seriously crunchy organic. One of the most rigorously organic (and all the other green appellations) vodkas out there at present - which is an accomplishment considering the rapidly growing competition.

Appearance: Crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling it leaves a thin clear oily coat (sign of nice body)on the inside of the glass with a rapidly developing scalloped edge with some long legs developing and lots of small droplets rather than receding altogether. Viscous look and feel.

First Impression: Clean distillate smell, a touch sweet, with nice graininess to it. No smell of esters or oils; clean grain spirit. After a bit it develops a some nice vanilla and cocoa alkali notes mixed with sweetness.


Review: Organic Nation Gin

Spirits Review

Notes: Seriously crunchy organic One of the most rigorously organic (and all the other green appellations) gins out there at present. They start out with their excellent organic vodka as a base and then use a blend of the usual suspects of juniper and coriander, and a number of other botanicals- all organic and as local as possible.

Appearance: Clear, bright, limpid pool of goodness, proper touch of oiliness/viscosity to the body.On swirling nice even coat,scalloped edges, then many legs, mix of long and short, then rapidly going to droplets. When it is chilled it takes on a wonderful thick glasslike appearance even when shaken.

First Impression: Juniper, black pepper and cassia bark, with hints of citrus,coriander, anise, basil and orris root. The anise seems to have a nice leveling effect on the juniper bringing it into balance and harmony with the other ingredients.

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