Join the ORGANIC NATION. Sip responsibly. 

Organic Nation Spirits

Join the ORGANIC NATION. Sip responsibly. 

Buy Oregon crafted spirits, wine and beer!

Oregon Distilleries have made the grade!  We are now part of the 'Buy Oregon" campaign started by Ed King of King Estates Winery in Eugene.  Check it out and support your local craft liquor producers that are your local businesses who create living wage jobs and . . .  keep the money in Oregon!  These spirits, wines, and beers are some of the best in the World!

Be Prepared for Fun at Cheese Festival!

JCO, aka Janice O was one of the many loyal fans having a ball at the 9th Annual Rogue Creamery Cheese Festival on 3.16.13.  She so eloquently stated: "O-N gin & vodka make Southern Oregon more prefect than it already is.  How lucky are we to have a world class product in our own back yard!"
Do Not miss the 10th annual Cheese fest next year!  It is such a fun crowd and loads of great cheese, wine, spirits, cupcakes, chocolate, and more.  Our lovely volunteers, Diane, April, Hannah, and Eileen made the day fly by!

Oregon Chocolate Festival March 1-3, 2013

Salisha, pre-eminent Mixologist at LARKS Restaurant at the Ashland Springs Hotel did her handy work and infused Organic Nation vodka with vanilla bean and concocted a tasty Martini also including Rogue's Chocolate Stout and Umpqua's Vanilla Ice Cream.  Besides being tasty, it was a fun time.  Diane got to get behind the bar at LARKS and tell a little bit about the story behind Cascade Peak Spirits and Organic Nation. You can check out the love story in an article featured in Artisan Spirits magazine "Love at first Sip".

ORGANIC NATION wins the Gold!

Cascade Peak Spirits Distillery, home of ORGANIC NATION has done it again and more!  both our certified organic vodka and gin won Gold medals at the third annual GOOD FOOD AWARDS competition for artisan food and beverage producers throughout the U.S.  This competition is the brain child of the famous Alice Waters of the internationally renowned Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, CA.  It honors crafters of chocolate, charcuterie, pickles, preserves, convections, cheese, coffee, beer and SPIRITS!
We are proud to be the top Gold Medal winners amongst the quality artisan producers that won this year.  In order to receive the Gold Medal distinction, you have to be certified organic, which of course, we are!
I was fortunate enough to meet Alice and get a hug, made my day! Along with being given the honor to receive the Spirits Category awards for the other nine distilleries.  I gave a 3.09 minute speech that validated and rewarded all of the Micro-Distilleries for crafting more palatable quality spirits.


OldField makes it to Ethiopia

Our good friend Eric Poole, went to Ethiopia at the end of February to help his doctor friend, Matt with this incredible project, Cure Blindness in Ethiopia and he took a bottle of OldField Rye Whiskey clear around the world!!
Go EP!  running with Haile Gebrselassie and solving world blindness!

O-N our way to New York

ORGANIC NATION gin and vodka will be available in New York in April with Athenee Distributors!  Athenee's mission is to support small producers, small vineyards, small businesses and create sustainability while doing so.  Their supportive mission really matched our Saving the Planet One Martini At A Time!
And we all know how those New Yorkers are:  Progressive, knowledgeable locavores who are demand quality and have disposable income.  The ultimate LOHAS consumer "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability", who make purchasing decisions based on their values.
So ask for ORGANIC NATION if you live in NYC, visit or know someone who does.  Word of mouth & grass roots movement is very powerful!   

OldField Rye Whiskey has arrived!

Since 2008, we have been handcrafting the highest quality, award winning ORGANIC NATION Spirits.  In 2009, we decided to unleash our creativity by venturing into the world of Whiskey.
We are proud to offer OldField Rye Whiskey.  OldField is a  small batch crafted, limited release,  organic spicy rye, 85% organic rye and 35% organic malt at 89ยบ, it has a bit of sweet vanilla and cinnamon notes.  Aged 22 mos. in New Oak barrels.
Since we are passionate about keeping Oregon pristine, our rye grain for the whiskey was grown organically, within 50 miles from our Distillery by Pacific Botanicals organic herb and grain farm.
Hurry, send us an email immediately as we are selling it out of our Distillery or visit one of the only three liquor stores in So. Oregon that are carrying this limited release:  Ashland Liquor, Talent Liquor and Southside Beverage.  Great Christmas or New Year's gift for that discerning whiskey lover!    And here's to Lucky '13!
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ORGANIC NATION heads north to Washington

Click Wholesale Distributing is now representing Cascade Peak Spirits Distiilery, Ashland, Oregon; Home of Oregon's first organic micro-distillery and ORGANIC NATION vodka and gin.  We are in and about Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kent and more.  Start requesting ORGANIC NATION at your favorite restaurants and help bring organic spirits to you town!   Whole Foods is ready to receive your requests for organic spirits! It's organic, it's only natural.  

ORGANIC NATION gin |||amp; Leaf Magazine

Leaf Magazine  penned a wonderful summer cocktail story and featured ORGANIC NATION gin.  Once again, our gin, is wowing consumers who are interested in Sustainable and organic products.  O-N gin is getting the coverage and adoration it deserves.

Southern ORE-ganic features sustainable spirits producers

Distillery conjures pure Oregon spirits - 
[Southern ORE-ganic - Joel Gorthy with Eugene Register Guard come to Southern Oregon to review three sustainable producers of spirits, wine and beer!]

Underground Speakeasy in Southern Oregon

What fun!   ORGANIC NATION cocktails, great food, great venue, and great people!   Matthew Domingo of Farm to Fork put together the first Southern Oregon "Pop Up" Speakeasy.  Matthew featured two delicious ORGANIC NATION gin and vodka cocktails, yummy hors d'oeuvres, and a dinner made with locally grown vegetables and meats.  Noble Coffee and Roxy Ann Winery were also featured.  A great time was delivered locally!
Come out and continue to support local food and drink artisans.

Fresh Squeezed Summer Cocktail

O-N the Rube

2 oz fresh squeezed juice from an organic ruby red grapefruit
3 oz Langer or similar Ruby Red grapefruit juice, not too sweet, no high fructose corn syrup!
1 oz triple sec
1/4 oz fresh squeezed juice from an organic orange
Shake with ice.  Serve in a chilled Martini glass. Sip and enjoy responsibly!

Living Aware Daily

Brooke Maura, the creative brains behind Living Aware Daily values a sustainable way of life.  Recently, she posted a blog about ORGANIC NATION letting Washingtonians and beyond know that O-N is O-N its way to WA--Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or bust!  Thanks, Brooke for all your support and passion!  Hope you had a ball in Portland at Urban Farmer, Departure, Portland City Grill, all of which carry ORGANIC NATION gin and vodka!

A Taste of Ashland

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm!  And the Tasters were out!   Once again, ORGANIC NATION Spirits wowed the crowd.  Besides serving tastes of both our luscious spirits, we had a yummy BEE'S KNEES, that classic 1920's cocktail mix, to offer. We were at Backroads Studio, where Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman live and create incredible works of art.   To round things out, Mystic Treats was serving up delicious pizza, such as their Southern Oregon, which features hazelnuts, figs and gorgonzola cheese!

I think that the local bars might be inundated with requests so here is the recipe for you to give them:

2 oz. of ORGANIC NATION gin
3/4 oz - 1 oz. fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
1 oz. honey syrup
Shake with ice in a shaker and serve UP in a gorgeous Martini glass

Honey syrup:   mix 1:1 local honey to water, heat up to meld.
**This is a cocktail that you have to taste as you go, you might need more honey, if the lemons are tarter than usual or less honey if the honey is stronger than some.   Taste away and enjoy on a nice warm day!



ORGANIC NATION vodka celebrated its fourth birthday!  On April 30, 2008, the Oregon state liquor stores started selling ORGANIC NATION vodka.  Since that date, our vodka has gained access in Asia and Europe and won two Silver medals and a Gold!!  On January 16, 2012, our premium organic vodka captured a Gold Medal because of it's smooth, delicious taste and sustainable roots with the Good Food Awards.  We are really proud to have been included with all those outstanding food producers and to be chosen as a Gold Medal winner!


ORGANIC NATION vodka wins The Gold


Hop Frog at Standing Stone Brewing Co.


1/2 Myers Lemon
6 fresh Ammarello Hops
Add:  Ice & shake well. Strain into a High Ball glass filled with ice
Top off with Soda H20.
**When hops are added to the brewing process for beer, the bitter taste of the hops are accented. This drink brings out the other floral flavors of the fresh hops. This is a refreshing drink that is best enjoyed at the end of long day.

Created by Jay Jones,  Server/Mixologist extraordinaire at The Standing Stone Brewing Co., in Ashland, Cascade Peak Spirits Distilleries' home town!

O-N at the Ashland Food and Wine Classic

ORGANIC NATION spent the weekend celebrating with the City of Ashland at the Fifth Annual Ashland Food and Wine Classic. A great big thank you goes out to Suzanne Kurth, Steve Spelman, Eileen Dunn  and Marilyn Borkin for being at the O-N booth and educating visitors on the superb quality of the ORGANIC NATION product line. Also, ORGANIC NATION would like to congratulate David Georgeson of Lark's for winning Top Chef honors for 2011.

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Once again, our lovely, savory, tasty, and wonderfully unique ORGANIC NATION gin inspired a FAN! Patrick from Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill contacted us about carrying our gin.  He came to us in a fun round about route.  Diane Paulson, one of the Co-Founders and CEO of Cascade Peak Spirits Distillery in Ashland, home of ORGANIC NATION Spirits, grew up in So. Ca.  A couple of good friends from high school came to Ashland in May and tasted and toured at the distillery.  Diana Lobosky (formerly Diana Merryfield) bought a bottle of our spectacular gin and took it home to her Bartending son, Grayson, in San Francisco, who is Patrick's housemate!  So, Patrick tasted ORGANIC NATION gin and decided he had to order it for Pacific Catch!   Stop in when you are in San Francisco and say "Thanks for supporting a handcrafted organic spirit from a micro-distillery."

Iron Bartender Seeks Greatness with ORGANIC NATION Spirits

On October 13, bartenders from around the Portland area came together to compete for the title of "Iron Bartender" and to raise money for the Children's Relief Nursery. At their disposal was some of Oregon's finest distilled spirits, including ORGANIC NATION's Vodka. The event raised over $40,000 for the Children's Relief Nursery. Cascade Peak Spirits Distillery is delighted that one of their products can help an organization which provides counseling and support for children who have been the victims of abuse and neglect. Next time you are sipping on an ORGANIC NATION martini you can feel like you, too, are doing your part by choosing to support an organic distillery that has heart!



ORGANIC NATION is now distributed in Japan! This is all possible to the efforts of From Oregon With Love.  Tei Gordan, Owner of From Oregon With Love, is dedicated to bringing the best spirits distilled in Oregon to the people of Japan. Next time you are in Japan you can order your cocktails with ORGANIC NATION spirits!


Dave Clark, Mixologist, Thai Pepper

Dave Clark, of Thai Pepper fame, recently added a tasty concoction entitled "Gatsby". Remember to Sip Locally, try a Gatsby out at Thai Pepper in their lovely bar and newly added Restaurant space and while you are there check out KOBE restaurant, their sister restaurant behind Liquid Assets Wine Bar. All these top notch restaurants feature ORGANIC NATION!


1/2 oz dry vermouth (try Vya out of Quady Winery in Napa)
2 dashes of organic Bitters
Stir with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass


Gigi, Concierge` Extraordinaire @ Ashland Spring Hotel

Gigi La Rossa, is a great fan and supporter of ORGANIC NATION!  She has even been known to make her own Bourbon Balls using some of our Bourbon that David created in 2008 with the helpful hands of Thomas McKenzie of Finger Lakes Distillery in NY.

She is tireless and always ready with a helpful hint about where to go, what to do and even sometimes what to Imbibe! (that would be local certified organic spirits~ORGANIC NATION vodka and gin!)   Thanks Gigi, it is friends like you who help a small little business make a go of it!  

Check out LARKS, restaurant & bar in the Ashland Springs Hotel for great food, atmosphere and Salisha, their bartender, who is continually crafting delicious ORGANIC NATION cocktails.


Ann Curry, NBC Today Show News Anchor

Cascade Peek Spirits and its Shareholders and Board Members sent Ann Curry, NBC's newest Today Show Anchor, a bottle of each ORGANIC NATION gin and vodka. Ann grew up in Ashland, so we know and love her!  To congratulate her on her promotion to the Today Show, we sent her some of Ashland's own organic spirits. She graciously sent a Thank you note and therein noted that "ASHLAND ROCKS!" Ashland is such a special place, we are grateful to have so many wonderful friends around the US that understand the value of a product that supports Sustainability such as our certified organic spirits!


American Craft Vodkas

SAVEUR Magazine recently did a tasting of American Craft Distilled Spirits.  They were joined by Alexis Kahn, Director of Beverage Services at The French Culinary Institute in NYC and Ethan Kelley, founder of Drink Straight,  to sample " impressive lineup of American Craft Vodkas..."

Organic Nation vodka was one of their favorites:  "With a silky mouthfeel, a slight sweetness, and a smooth kick on the finish, Cascade Peak Spirit's Organic Nation Vodka goes nicely with herbaceous and citrus flavors."

 They developed a crafty cocktail: Celery Cider with O-N.  Check out issues #136 & 137 of SAVEUR for more information.

7-Craft-Vodka-400Second from left in rear, Organic Nation is standing tall with its beautiful colors.
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Celery Cider Cocktail

Celery Cider

1.5 oz. Organic Nation Vodka
2 oz. apple cider
Dash simple syrup
Pinch of celery salt
3 dashes celery bitters
Juice of one lime
Combine all ingredients over ice, shake and strain into a rocks glass over ice.  Garnish with a celery salt rim.

Delicious Organic Nation vodka cocktail developed by those talented people at Saveur Magazine.
Saveur Magazine supports Craft Cocktails


Organic Nation Chocolate Martini

Salisha Early, renowned Mixologist mixes up a Chocolate Martini using her favorite local vodka, Organic Nation.  LARKS has been a very, very supportive bar/restaurant using Organic Nation on their Speciality Drink menu and even cooking with our vodka and gin.  They make a tasty Gin Vinergatte Dressing and much more.  Ashland Springs Hotel has set the standard for supporting local artisan beverage and food crafters!  

Organic Nation sponsors Iron Bartender's Competition

Organic Nation was the featured spirit at the recent Iron Bartender's Competition in Portland on Feb. 10, 2011.  Four top Mixologists vied for the top Bartender award using Organic Nation gin and vodka. The four men brought two drinks that they had concocted at their respective bars and then had to compete in a live round again, using Organic Nation, with two secret ingredients that revealed at the moment the live competition began.

Here are the crafty fellows and some of their concoctions:  

Douglas Derrick – Bar Manager –Nostrana

Singapore Sling

ON Gin
Freshly Extracted Pineapple Juice (Maui seasonal)
Cherry Heering
Fresh lime juice
Pomegranate juice
Real pomegranate grenadine
Freshly extracted ginger root
Bokers Bitters
Angostura Bitters

Chino Lee – Bar Manager and Bartender– Fratelli

Competition Drink -
muddled ginger, tarragon, apple, pineapple, lemon juice with a dash of kool-aid served up with a splash of club soda.

Organic Nation sponsors Iron Bartender's Competition and raises funds for Children's Relief Nursery

Limited Release Jan. 2011~"OLDFIELD" certified Organic Rye Whiskey

Here it is! our newest certified organic spirit~OLDFIELD Rye Whiskey~ David & Casey took it out of the barrels, tasted, tested, tasted, tested, proofed, tasted, proofed, (It's Not Drinking on the Job, It's Research!) Will be ready for LIMITED RELEASE in January 2011. Send us an email if you are interested in 'gettin' on the list'!

This organic rye is delicate, flavorful and will excite your palate!

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Support for Small Biz Development Center

The Oregon Small Business Development Center in Medford was instrumental in helping us get organized in the very beginning. This types of non-profit programs are very important the Oregon Entrepreneurs. Thanks, Gary, Ruthie and Jack!

Chocolate Martini and a Facial

Chocolate Martini and Facial Party~YUMMY!
Saturday, November 6th, 5pm-7pm

Waterstone Spa is partnering with Organic Nation to create this deliciously healthful event.
Join us in the Crystal Room of the Ashland Springs Hotel for an evening of a Chocolate Martini and pampering. Come and learn about Oregon’s first and finest certified Organic Spirits, savor a scrumptious Chocolate Martini and learn from The Waterstone Spa Estheticians about giving yourself a facial with the wonderful, healthful and nature inspired Jurlique products. This will include cleansing, exfoliating, treating with a mask and ending with moisturizing.

Ticket price includes facial and one Organic Nation Chocolate Martini.
$20/person. Space is limited so call spa today! 541-488-0325


Sip, Sample and Savor

Organic Nation will have a booth at The 4th Annual Ashland Food & Wine Classic held Saturday through Sunday, November 6th & 7th at the Ashland Armory. We invite you to sip, sample and celebrate Southern Oregon’s bounty in Ashland. Sample tastes will be $1.00/two tastes.


Spirits Night at Liquid Assets

We will be kicking November off with a bang this week in Ashland and beyond. Here's one of the many happenings going on...
Organic Nation & Vya Spirits Event at Liquid Assets
Thursday, Nov. 4th 7-9 pm. Come and enjoy some of the NW’s finest certified organic gin and vodka paired with one of the only premium vermouths currently available produced by Quady Winery. For $20 each person will receive samplings of four signature cocktails featuring Organic Nation gin and vodka and VYA vermouth as well as interesting presentations and discussion about the fashioning of Organic gin, a premium vermouth and more by Diane Paulson, Organic Nation CEO/Founder and Emily Benz of Quady North Winery. Call Liquid Assets for reservations, 541-482-9463, and pre-payment. L.A. will hold a credit card number for a reservation.
To whet your appetite, here is an example of one of the four signature cocktails:
Barbed Wire
2½ oz Organic Nation Vodka
½ oz Brandy Peak Blackberry Brandy
¼ oz Vya Sweet Vermouth
Dash of Absinthe (no more than 1/4oz)
Squeeze of Lime
Sponsored by Liquid Assets, Organic Nation, and Quady North Winery:,,

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